Upcoming: Ralf´s piano-electro project PYANOOK at ZKM Karlsruhe, featuring the visual art of Pietro Cardarelli.

Ralf Schmid records his ambitious piano-electro-project PYANOOK at KUBUS studios at ZKM (Center for Art and Media) in Karlsruhe, Germany. He plays his music on two grand pianos and modifies their sound using digital effects controlled by the spectacular mi.mu data gloves and other controllers.

For this project, he re-unites with producer Michele Locatelli, with whom he founded the NYC-based record label ObliqSound in 2000 and collaborated on many releases.

PYANOOK features the visual art of Pietro Cardarelli (www.thewingsart.com) who created cloud-like objects hanging from the ceiling to project forms and colours on that correspond to the music.

The audio engineer is Holger Stenschke from ZKM.

PYANOOK is an audiovisual performance and a sound installation. The project is filmed and recorded and will be released in various formats.

PYANOOK is supported by german national funding INITIATIVE MUSIK and ZKM.

20160229_cubus_day1-40 20160229_cubus_day1-38 20160229_cubus_day1-32 20160229_cubus_day1-23 20160229_cubus_day1-22 20160229_cubus_day1-10 20160229_cubus_day1-8 Kubus_StagePlan-01 IMG_8351 IMG_8350 II Solution_003

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