New CD: Ralf Schmid´s music recorded by SWR Vokalensemble (Radio Choir Stuttgart) and SWR Big Band in explorative collaboration.

Ralf Schmid
Helge Sunde
SWR Big Band
SWR Vokalensemble

Ralf Schmid´s music was recorded on the first collaboration of the SWR Vokalensemble (Radio Choir) of Stuttgart and the SWR Big Band, two world class ensembles courageous enough to leave their homeground to explore new territories together. The other featured composer is Helge Sunde, professor for jazz composition in Oslo, the conductor is Morten Schuldt-Jensen from Denmark. The scandinavian-german partnership is reflected in the music: Sunde wrote around german folk songs, Ralf Schmid´s music is inspired by Edvard Grieg´s Peer Gynt. Ralf Schmid´s new composition CELEBRATING BEAUTY IN SLOW MOTION is also featured on this album. The CD is available and got a fantastic review in german magazine CHORZEIT.


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